Game Development

With 10 years of experience and know-how in the industry, we began a journey to create unique gaming experiences. Our team, which consists of experts in their respective fields, has been working with gaming communities for a long time and therefore has a good understanding of their needs and desires. We aim to develop games with insight from these experts and bring those games to millions of people around the world.

Localization Projects

For mayaworks, game localization isn’t just translating the language. It is to consider the regional consumer behavior and blend in that region’s culture to the game where possible. With our experience from online and offline gaming activations; we aim to provide the most realistic localization solutions in order to generate the maximum interest in a region and enjoyable gameplay for all consumers.

Game PR & Marketing

We believe that marketing is also an integral part of the whole process, just like game development and localization. For video game PR and marketing, we are working with our agency team which has valuable experience on that front. By utilizing top influencers in Turkey who we manage, we take a game’s visibility to the maximum level. We aim to increase awareness by conducting online & offline projects for video games. Last but not least; we create dedicated experience areas in our youth and gaming festival Chapter in order to help attendees experience the games.

Community Building

One of the values we believe at Multiplayer is to build an active and respectful community around our brand. After strengthening our community building and management operations around our Chapter festival for years, we now move on to building communities around video games. By utilizing our social media, our influencer contacts and events such as Chapter; we aim to build communities around mayaworks games or any third-party games we may publish and grow our brands with feedback from these communities.