mayaworks Game Studio

mayaworks is a brand new studio that derives its creative force from 4 rings of beloved people.

Us: “The Core Family”

Our team has been engaging the gaming community and working with the biggest publishers for 10 years, which means our whole team can provide valuable feedback about our products.

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The Big Brothers of The Hood

We work closely with top gaming influencers to provide engaging experiences for a variety of audiences. Their expertise in video games and their knowledge of the gaming audience also enables us to have quality feedback for our projects.

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Elementis is a merge game for players of all ages. As you gather nature spirits by merging elements in a dying world, you also try to solve puzzles that you face. With a wide range of combinations, Elementis brings the magic of alchemy to the hearts of gamers.


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Game Development

With 10 years of experience and know-how in the industry, we began a journey to create unique gaming experiences.

Localization Projects

For mayaworks, game localization isn’t just translating the language. It is to consider the regional consumer behavior and blend in that region’s culture to the game where possible.

Game PR & Marketing

We believe that marketing is also an integral part of the whole process, just like game development and localization.

Community Building

One of the values we believe at Multiplayer is to build an active and respectful community around our brand.


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